• Most Common Questions:

    • How can I check the value that is left on my e-Gift Card?
      You can contact the partner directly that your digital purchase is from. Each partner has a different method for contacting them with questions. Please follow the instructions provided in your email or in the redemption instructions for contacting them.
    • What if I don't receive the email containing my e-Gift Card?
      Make sure you are checking the inbox for the email address associated with your BJs account confirm that it was not misdirected to your spam/junk folder. e-Gift Cards are usually delivered in minutes but can depend on additional order validation required by the BJs or your Credit Card company. You can also go to the following webpage: https://egift.BJs.com and enter your order details as directed (you will need your email address used to order on the BJs and your BJs Order Number).
    • Who will the email come from?
      You will receive an email from noreply@BJs-edelivery.com
    • How can I gift an e-Gift Card to someone else?
      Access your purchase through https://egift.BJs.com. If enabled, click the Send Gift button next to the e-Gift Card you would like to gift. Fill out the required fields and select Send. You can gift a card as many times as you like, but it can only be used once.
  • Accessing Your Purchase

    • How do I find my BJs Order Number?
      Refer to your BJ’s order confirmation email which will include your order number. You can also log in to your BJs account and navigate to your order history where you will see your BJs orders listed.
    • What if the search page gives me an error that says "Your digital product was not found with the information you entered"?
      This means that the details you entered to find your purchase are either incorrect or your order hasn't been processed yet. Try back in a few minutes if it is close to the time you placed your order or verify your correct order details from your BJs account.
    • What if my e-Gift Card has the message: "Your digital product is in process, please check back later"?
      This means that your e-Gift Card is still being generated and if there are no issues should be emailed to you shortly. Try back in 10 minutes.
    • What if my e-Gift Card has the message: "This order was not valid and has been cancelled"?
      This means that there was an issue while processing your order. You will receive an email from BJs confirming the cancellation.
  • Redemption

    • How do I redeem the value I purchased?
      The email will contain a link to your e-Gift Card. The link will take you to the redemption instructions specific to the partner you purchased from. Be sure to save your email with instructions until after the value is credited to your account.
    • How quickly will I be able to use my digital purchase?
      You can use the e-Gift Card immediately after you receive it by following the instructions.
    • How can I confirm that the value was added to my account or check the value left?
      After redeeming, each partner has a different method for contacting them with questions. Please follow the instructions provided along with your redemption instructions.
  • Still Need Help?